Awards Nominations- Customer Journey

There are several steps a customer can move through in order to complete an entry. Which steps depends on if the entry is free or paid. Additional there are steps which can be removed from the checkout process if desired:


Customers must have a verified Evessio account in order to submit an entry. When the customer clicks the "Enter Now" button on their chosen category if they are not already they will be prompted to login or create an account.

Step 1- In Basket/ Saved

Once logged in the customer will see their entry in their basket. Here they can work on the nomination and changes will be saved automatically.

Additionally they will see a "Save for later" button. This button will move the nomination out of the basket and into the saved area. The customer can continue to work on the nomination and save their changes as they go along, revisiting as often as needed. When they are ready to submit the nomination they must move the entry back into the basket using the "Move to basket" button and can then continue on to the next step.

Step 2- Personal Details Form (Optional)

The personal details form is optional for both free and paid nominations. This is intended to capture more information about the person making the transaction and often includes marketing and other opt-in preferences.

To turn this step on or off go to REVENUE> Payment Settings:

Step 3- Invoice Details (Paid only)

The invoice information step will always be presented if the nomination is paid for and never be presented for a free transaction.

Step 4- Summary Page

The summary page is required for paid transactions and optional for free transactions. This screen shows a summary of the transaction. For a paid transaction this is the step where the customer can select the payment method they wish to use and apply any voucher codes they may have. They will also see all date based discounts and volume discounts applied to the total at this stage.

This too can be turned on or off for free transactions under REVENUE> Payment Settings:

Final Step


For an invoiced transaction upon clicking the "Complete" button the customer will be directed to the payment thank- you page. They will receive a confirmation email with their invoice attached. The transaction will sit in a status of "Invoiced" until it is marked as "Paid" by a back office admin user.

Credit Card

For a credit card transaction the customer will select the provider and click "Continue". They will then be directed to the payment gateway. At this point the user is no longer on Evessio. They will input their card details and complete the transaction. As this is taking place the transaction will show as "Processing" in the Evessio back office.

Upon submitting their card details the payment provider will send a message back to Evessio confirming the payment was successful. In the back office the transaction status will automatically update to the status "Completed". If the payment is unsuccessful the status on Evessio will be "Payment Failed". For a successful transaction the customer will then be directed the the payment thank-you page and receive a confirmation email with their receipt attached.

Free Transaction

For a free entry upon clicking "Complete" the customer with be directed to the payment thank-you page. They will also receive a confirmation email. The transaction status will be "Complete" in the back office.